Helmet Setups

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  We're nobodys here; but we know a decent bit about this stuff. You've probably watched just about every GBRS Group and Garand Thumb video there is when it comes to setting up your helmet. More so recently everyone has went over to using high cut style helmets like Opscore and Team Wendy. However high cut helmets aren't really a new thing. Some of the first traditional high cut helmets were made by RBR in England, these were known as the F6 MACH 3 helmet. The RBR MACH 3 paved the way for other companies and their high cut style helmets. 


Above: RBR F6 MACH 3 with Wilcox G01, Kroops sky diving goggles and Surefire helmet light

  MSA and a few other companies started the MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) series of helmet. The MICH 2000 a full cut, a MICH 2002 mid cut and a MICH 2001 high cut. All of these were designed with the warfighter in mind and was way more comfortable when running comms headsets like peltors or sordins. The MICH 2001 quickly became a favorite among most operators and remained a staple for quite some time; the MICH 2001 can still be seen used by many operators around the world. 

Above: MSA MICH 2000 with a Wilcox G01 mount and Streamlight sidewinder mount

  As the GWOT went on so did the defense industry; when there is war there is innovation. More companies were experimenting with newer Aramid and Kevlar fibers to make their ballistic helmets lighter weight. Sometimes operations call for non-ballistic helmets and you just need a "bump". These bump helmets took a lot of key features from companies like Protec that made helmets for skaters and bikers. Opscore in particular was one company that really started experimenting with lightweight plastics and carbon fiber. 

Above: Opscore Bump with Wilcox G24, S&S Precision V-lite, Peltor Comtac 3s

  With the addition of comfort there was also a loss of protection. Mid-cut helmets and super high cuts have started to make a sort of resurgence. A few companies have been pushing mid cuts like those being adopted by the US Army made by Revision/Galvion. We've seen more SF groups going more towards Super High Cuts and Maritime style helmets that add a little bit more protection in the back of the head. With things like ARC Rails that allow for more modularity; there's been a plethora of helmet accessories that can be mounted in many different ways. 

Above: Opscore Maritime with Peltor Comtac 3s mounted on 3M ARC Rail adapters, Wilcox G24, PVS-31 BNVD, PVS31 Battery pack and S&S Precision V-Lite

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