Why have a weapon mounted light?

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  Weapon Lights are a solid consideration to take when you use a firearm for home defense. There are tons of options out there and to a beginner they may all look the same. Here at FMJ we have been Surefire dealers for years. We believe Surefire to be one of the best options for weapon lights on the market. Surefire has been the name in the game since their inception under the old Laser Products name. With time they’ve been able to give off fantastic white light and infrared options for indoor and outdoor uses. 

  Home defense weapons vary between every individual and sometimes if you’re in certain states you may be restricted to what you can have in your house. Surefire offers lights that can be handheld and or mounted to a variety of weapons. A popular option that we sell a lot of is the Surefire Stiletto; a small compact, and easy to use package. The Stiletto features multiple brightness settings and can be used in your offhand with a handgun or other blunt object of your choice. There is the bigger brother to the Stiletto: The Guardian which has a very large throw of light as well as two bulbs for different applications. 

  Next for home defense or every day carry is the line of X300 lights. The X300 is the most popular lighting system for pistols in the world. The X300 has seen extensive use by military and law enforcement organizations around the world. The X300 is offered in a few different models with the X300-UA offering 1000 lumens to light up the darkest areas. Having your light attached to your handgun offers better maneuverability and ease of access. The X300 is lightweight and is barely noticeable on most midsize to full size handgun frames. The other benefit of the X300 is that most holster companies already have the template ready to go for their models. 

  Having a weapon light on a rifle or SBR is also extremely important. Surefire offers the Scout series of lights at a few different price points and for different uses, The newer Micro features a very slimline design ideal for compact firearms like many of those offered by B&T or HK. The Micro is very small and comes with both MLOK and Picatinny rail mounts right out of the box. The most popular of the Scout lights is the Dual Fuel. The Dual Fuel features the ability to use either 2 CR123 batteries or use a singular rechargeable 18650 battery. The Dual Fuel puts out an impressive 1500 lumens that are sure to blind anyone on the receiving end. You want to be sure you don’t blind yourself however.

  Moreso recently Surefire has been releasing their new Turbo line of weapon lights as the importance of long range illumination has increased. The Turbo line is designed to have a higher candela rather than higher lumens to pierce the photonic barrier and reach out further like a spotlight. The Turbo line is now available in all of Surefire's weapon lights to include the X300T, M640DFT and M340DFT with the "T" designation representing the Turbo line. 

  The last option that some people go is to get into the world of Night Vision. With getting into night vision which would be another post all in it's own; you will see it's greatly beneficial to also get into infrared lasers and illuminators. Surefire offers many of their lights with bezels that are white and Infrared. One of the most popular options is the Mini Scout Light with the popular Vampire head. These are one of the most popular add on items when customers buy Night Vision from us and it's something we highly recommend. 

  Surefire offers a ton of new options that fit everyone's mission set and will do that task exceptionally well.