ITAR (international traffic in arms regulations) compliant exporter

We are registered with the Department of State for exporting items regulated by ITAR. We can sell and ship/export ITAR related items to foreign governments and law enforcement, or help your company with any compliance issues.

This includes any export controlled Commerce Department items as well. It is best that you contact us with any questions. Rest assured, we’ve done it before and have an ITAR compliance attorney on our team.

Equipment Supplier

So what equipment can we get? Well, to make a long explanation short…anything. We have excellent relationships with numerous manufacturers and their distributors. We have supplied local agencies, special operations teams, and foreign governments with equipment from body armor to combat sights. Below is just a small sampling of what we can get:

  • Night Optical Devices such as PVS-14s, PVS-21s, PVS-31s and more
  • Laser aiming devices like the L3 PEQ-15 and Steiner D-BAL
  • Electronic weapon sights from AimPoint, EOTech, Trijicon and others
  • Combat Uniforms from Beyond Clothing and Crye Precision
  • Body armor: Level IV ballistic plates, Level IIIA panels, helmets Revision, Team Wendy, Opscore, Gentex
  • Plate carriers and accessories from London Bridge Trading and Eagle Industries
  • Edged tools; automatic and manual Benchmade, ZT, Spyderco, Strider Knives

For any export items (ITAR or Commerce controlled), the equipment will be built according to the maximum allowed specifications for that country, or FOM (Field of Merit). For inquiries on more sensitive type equipment, please give us a call or send us an E-Mail.

Military Tactical Training

This is generally for foreign governments (obviously those allied to the United States) and is not for civilians. We are registered with the Department of State as brokers of training that is currently used by our military Special Operations personnel, and falls under ITAR.

All of the instructors are current or former Special Operations operators with extensive training in their specialized fields. With our partners, we can provide the following training:

  • HALO/HAHO Training
  • Cold Weather Training
  • Jungle Warfare Training
  • Desert Warfare Training
  • Close Quarter Combat Training
  • Small Unit Tactics Training
  • Tactical Mobility Driver Training
Full Metal Jacket, LLC

Theatrical Rentals

Although we prefer to sell products outright, we do a lot of rental business as well. We are well known in the Northern Virginia area as the go-to place for all of your rental needs. It could be a play, a movie, a commercial, supplying a museum. Whatever it is, chances are we’ve done it before. Give us a call or shoot us an E-Mail.

Full Metal Jacket, LLC


In the nature of our business, we tend to hoard a lot of military gear, and know a lot of others who do the same. Feel free to contact us if you are looking to purchase in bulk. If we don’t have what you are looking for on hand, we’ll find it within our vast network of surplus suppliers.

Full Metal Jacket, LLC


We buy, sell, and trade every single day. We are always looking to add to our collection, and feed our hoarding tendencies. If you have Tojo’s family samurai sword or Hitler’s pencil box, from a dollar to a million bucks, most likely we’ll buy it. From one piece to whole collections, we’re always happy to take a look!