NOTE: Shipping quotes are all wonky right now. If you purchase something and we find you've been overcharged on shipping, we will refund you the difference on shipping without you having to ask!

We primarily use the United States Postal Service for shipping. Occasionally we use United Parcel Service, but USPS generally tends to be cheaper. Read: we use the most economical shipping method we have. International shipping will always go USPS. Yes, international shipping can be a bear, but talk to USPS on that one.
You may return any item for a refund within 5 days of receiving it AFTER MAKING ARRANGEMENTS WITH US. We need to know what to expect. We will give you a return authorization number to put on the box. It’s the industry standard and easy to do. We’re also pretty easy going about it.
If you want a different size or color, it is best to order the new item as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the correct item. Some surplus items just don’t get restocked quickly or at all due to limited quantity. Items must be returned in the quality they left our store: don’t wash, add patches, or wear outside before ensuring that it fits!
New: New means new. If you as a customer would have to do anything to the item to return it to new condition, we call it surplus. If the item is new, it may or may not have the tags. Tags come off all the time. We are also very careful with what we call new, and are more likely to throw a possibly new item in the surplus bin. We make less money that way, but a happy customer base is our goal, and we think any surprises about condition should be “Hey, this is better than expected!” rather than “This is definitely not new.” Surplus: Surplus is a grab bag of conditions. Unless stated otherwise in the item description, there will be no unrepaired holes larger than a pin prick or broken seam. There may be repairs, but they’re done well. Nametapes or badges may have been removed. Or you may get one fully patched up! That’s part of the fun of surplus, honestly. That all being said, we don’t sell crap items. Best goes out first, and we save the bad stuff for scrap. As of now, we won’t hand-select, sorry. Most surplus items are surprisingly good condition, and if it is worse than usual, we will make note of that in the item description.
We translate all clothing into the U.S. military sizing system to make it easy. For one, most of our customers are in the U.S. and understand it, but having a universal sizing system in place adds consistency. We will still put the recommended sizing next to the size to let you double check. We will also put the funny foreign-ese sizes in if the item is foreign. In case you know your size in that country or whatever. Sometimes things will be up-sized (like jackets) to allow for layering underneath. If that is the case, it will be noted in the items description.
We accept all major credit cards. We also take – and prefer, for the most part – Paypal. Paypal is far more secure than most methods, automatically provides tracking info, and even gives us a tiny little discount on shipping, so you can see why we like it.
Use the website! We’ve been working on it for a while now, and are constantly rolling out new things, so we’d like to get use out of it. Alternatively, DM us on Instagram, DM us on Facebook, or shoot us an email at This is not the ideal, but we can make it work. You can even call us during regular business hours. This is very much not the preferred method, but we will make it work to get you your items! However, if we post an item on our Instagram, Facebook, or eBay, feel free to message us about it there to keep it easy.
As evidenced by our direct link on our homepage, we do have eBay listings. Sometimes you just don’t know what something is worth because it’s one of a kind, rare, or we really just don’t know. We don’t use reserves on our auctions, so whatever it goes for, it goes for.
As a general rule, no. There are reasons for this. The only efficient way to wash garments or gear en masse would be an industrial laundromat, and we couldn’t guarantee that the detergent used is hypo-allergenic or environmentally friendly. Doing this would raise our prices a noticeable amount, and we don’t want to be one of those surplus stores that sells things for exorbitant prices. Someone also may want their item to be 100% as is. If something smells like cat pee, we’re probably gonna take that one home and wash it in one of our machines at home. If the shirt or pants you got are starched (from the 40s to the early 2000s, we all decided for some reason to starch our field uniforms. Whoever made that call needs a good smack.), just give them a wash and they’ll be perfectly fine. Use fabric softener if you want, but normal detergent tends to do the trick. If your field gear is a little dirty, check the tag for cleaning instructions, which is generally; use a brush. Remember, when in doubt: wash cold delicate, tumble dry low or hang dry.
We do government contracts of all sizes. We are also registered with the Department of State to export ITAR or EAR related items. Email us and we’ll get moving on it. Serious inquiries only.
Website could be acting up. Give it a few and try it again. Or email us. It may also be ITAR or EAR. If it is, it could be a long process to get it to you, and the cost (financial and time) is generally something only governments or agencies can afford.
Website could be acting up. Give it a few and try it again. Or email us. We also may not legally be able to ship it to you based on your jurisdiction. A good example is rifle and pistol magazines. You may think your laws are dumb, but we’ve been in business for 30 years and we aren’t going to jeopardize that for a $10 sale. Talk to your legislator.
We don’t track you, we don’t store your info for any longer than necessary, and we don’t sell or leak your info to anyone else. We find those things impolite to do. So we don’t do it. We don’t send out marketing emails, and you would need to request them if we did.