Full Metal Jacket, LLC


NOTE: Full Metal Jacket is ALWAYS closed on Sundays and Mondays. If we receive an order after 2PM on Friday it is not guaranteed to be picked up until the following Tuesday.

We primarily use UPS for most orders as we have a discount through our webhost that we're able to extend to the customer. UPS also tends to have the most accurate rates and goes by weight. Typically shipping is not more than $10 on most orders. Shipping times vary based on the state of the world and holidays.

Full Metal Jacket, LLC


All returns are subjected to a 15% restocking and handling fee. All returns must be cleared with us before being sent back. Items can be returned within 5 business days of delivery. We do not offer complimentary return shipping unless the order was packed incorrectly. Items returned in any condition other than brand new will be subjected to an additional 25% restocking. We absolutely will not accept returns on electronics, weapons sights, or body armor. No exceptions. If the item is defective we will work with the manufacturer to get issues resolved.

If you want a different size or color, it is best to order the new item as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the correct item. Some surplus items just don’t get restocked quickly or at all due to limited quantity. Items must be returned in the quality they left our store: don’t wash, add patches, or wear outside before ensuring that it fits!